Loan without own income

Income is the money that is available to a household or an individual. In classic marriage, the man earns a working income while the woman takes care of the household. Colloquially, the financial situation is presented in such a way that only the husband earns his own income.

This view is in fact not correct, since the housewife’s income consists of maintenance and pocket money or payment of her expenses. The tax office also divides the income between the two spouses through spouse splitting. Couples living together without marriage do not enjoy tax benefits, but the tacit agreement on maintenance payments also applies to them if only one partner receives income or social benefits. According to the correct definition of income, there can be no loan without own income, since every person draws one directly or indirectly.

Lending without own income

Lending without own income

Banks often view a loan granted to a housewife as a loan without their own income because they do not follow the actual definition of income, but do not consider the maintenance by the partner as such. This does not apply to all credit institutions, some of them generally make the household bill with household income.

In fact, spouses are jointly liable for any loan liabilities they have entered into, provided the borrowed money is intended for the purpose of living together. Mail order companies grant installment payments as a loan without their own income, since they only rarely inquire about the available household income, such as a high order sum.

Use private lenders

Use private lenders

It is easier for consumers to obtain a loan without their own income from gainful employment or social benefits via a platform for arranging private loans. Since the private lenders registered there are often based on social criteria, there are no fundamental concerns about lending to inactive housewives or to students supported by their parents.

In the case of a loan with no personal income from employment or social benefits, the borrower ensures that he can pay the loan installments from the maintenance or pocket money he has received. In addition to the loan amount, the loan term determines the amount of the monthly loan installment, so that extending the term reduces the burden. In the case of loans from private individuals, in contrast to bank loans, it is customary to state the purpose of use, as this also contributes to the decision to award.

Credit without husband

As a rule, a loan can always be taken out if certain conditions are met. Wives can get a loan if they can abide by the terms. It is not uncommon these days for a wife to take out a loan. It is not uncommon for the husband to have a loan or she does not want to burden him with it.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

In order to receive a loan without a husband, the wife must have her own income. Since many have looked after the children for many years, she either has no job at all or only one for part-time work. Often this money is not enough to apply for a loan. It is always important, regardless of which loan, to have an income that is above the attachment allowance. In addition, the wife must not be in a temporary job and must prove that she is clean.

Bad credit rating – what to do?

Bad credit rating - what to do?

Since the salary is often not enough to apply for a loan without a husband, solutions must be found that will help to improve creditworthiness. In such a case, a guarantee is suitable. This guarantee does not have to be taken over by the husband. Any person can act as a guarantor, provided that they are solvent and have a clean Credit Bureau.If the income is above the attachment allowance but not so high, a small loan can be applied for as a loan without a husband.

These are awarded from a sum of 500 dollars and could be of great help in difficult times. An expensive option would be to increase the overdraft facility. Since the interest here is very high if the account is overdrawn, this option should only be used in an emergency. Otherwise, a personal loan can help you take out a loan without a husband. Friends or family are often happy to lend a small sum, which is then paid back without interest.

Applying for loans through capital lender is easy. An online loan application is sufficient to address both banks and private investors at a serious level. Of course, the borrower decides who gets the loan.

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